Monday, March 5, 2012

That's Google

This one page comic originally appeared in the July 1997 issue of Tower Records Pulse! Magazine (issue 161). Pulse! was a free magazine you could pick up in all Tower Records, the much missed record store chain. The print run was probably pretty huge (you could also subscribe to the magazine if you didn't live near a Tower Records or were crazy). Click the image or here to read a larger than printed size scan of the comic from the magazine. Please note: In places the artwork is muddy, with visible pencil lines. This was intentional, and from what I remember, something Dylan fought hard for.

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  1. Dylan's dad gave me the original artwork for this a few weeks ago! The lyrics in the strip don't mention it by name, but the horse in the song is Sparkplug. This is 5 years before Dylan started his company.