Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dylan at San Diego Comic Con

I'm heading to San Diego Comic Con this week... makes me miss the years I went down there with Dylan. Here's a few photos from those trips.

Dylan and Tim Goodyear

Dylan and Shannon O'Leary admire the swag-monster!

Dylan and Austin English

Dylan and Jason Shiga

Dylan and Powergirl

Dylan, Tim Goodyear and Chris Cilla on the train talking about comics

Dylan and a Dalek!

Dylan and Wolverine

Dylan and Tom Neely

Clockwise from Dylan - Andy Hartzell, David King, Ben Catmull, Levon Jihanian, Tom Neely having dinner at Ranchero's

Dylan and David King

Left to right: Jeff Levine, Time Goodyear, Dylan Williams and David King


  1. I'm trying to find the larger versions of some of these.

  2. That shot with Wolverine is all kinds of awesome.