Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seed and Sprout

I knew of Dylan longer than I knew Dylan and over the past 3 years Dylan quickly became one of my closest friends, ever. The following emails represent the seed and sprouting of our friendship (as well as the same for my friendships with Zak Sally, Chris Cilla, and Tim Goodyear). Instead of running photos of Dylan (of which I don't have many) I've decided to run photos I think Dylan would've liked (I'll be forever impressed that one of the postcards Dylan made to promote Sparkplug was a photograph of a statue). – Jason T. Miles

From: Chris Cilla
Date: Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: short trunk town

Hello Jason,

I internet-chatted with Dylan Williams and he said you could sell yer stuff at his table(Sparkplug), he is already selling Dead Ringer, so it makes sense. I will be tabling there & at the Pony Club table, depending on what is going on.

OK I'll see you then!

Chris C.

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 11:16:03 PM
Subject: Hi
To: Dylan Williams


I just thought I'd email you. I've been emailing with Chris Cilla about Stumptown and Chris sez you're cool with me trying to sell my stuff at your table. I appreciate this very much. Also, I've been emailing with zak sally and he sez you've been representing La Mano at shows and that you have copies of Dead Ringer (again, much appreciated). I don't know if you have other people going in on the table with you...? Is there a flat rate? If so please let me know and I can paypal you the money. Or is the cost determined by space? If it's determined by space I guess you should know that I'll have 2 standard sized zines and 1 quarter sized zine. If space is tight I can easily remove the quarter sized zine. I'm down for working the booth or spotting folks for breaks etc. the only thing I have to do time commitment-wise is represent Fantagraphics (my day job) on a panel about submitting work to publishers.

Alright... I think that's it, I'm excited about coming down for the show. I think I'll be driving down from Seattle the morning of Friday the 25th.

Hopefully we can get to know each other better. I first met you a long time ago at the Danger Room in Olympia, and then we met again on the beach in San Diego 4 or 5 years ago - we were both shitfaced and we were drinking a bottle of Maker's Mark whisky together - at one point you were having a hard time standing and you were trying to keep yourself upright and you sort of fell into me and almost pulled my pants down – it was pretty funny. I think it was later that night I drove drunk up the coast and pulled off into a parking lot to pass out. The next morning when I came to, the parking lot had been taped off with that yellow police tape and there were two cops "guarding" the entry/exit of the parking lot. I was pretty scared because I couldn't remember how I got there and I was worried I'd hurt someone. I started up my truck and drove to the exit, rolled my window down and asked the cops which way it was to San Diego and they told me "that way" and I drove off! I was pretty lucky. Anyway, miraculously, I don't drink anymore.

... I didn't know this was going to turn into story time! I hope you don't mind.

Thanks again,
Jason T. Miles.

From: dylan williams
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 10:57 AM
Subject: Marker's Make

Oy! I'm looking forward to having you squat at our tables. There should be plenty of room. I'll work up a schedule depending on who shows up but I'd, of course, love your help with sales or whatever. Hopefully I'll run into you at the Friday party.

Now, as for this whole drinking 5 years ago thing... I quit shortly after that too. I kind of remember your story, so I think we talked about it after that but to be honest, I was completely blacked out well before I was sinking into the sand. That was the first time Tim Goodyear and I hung out too. Ah memories. Anyway, I loved your story about that night though, since I can only reconstruct it from various recording devices and the memories of other drunken idiots. In short, NO MORE DRINKING for me.

I also like the idea of meeting you at the "Danger Room." Sadly I'm old and have alzheimer's or something.

Looking forward to this show for some reason,

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