Thursday, December 22, 2011

Will you guys shut up about old comics already?!

SPX 2009
Jason T. Miles and Dylan talk about old comics
until about 4 am while I try to sleep on the floor of our hotel.


  1. i'd never seen this photo.
    makes my day!
    thank you

  2. i have lotsa photos he wouldn't let me post anywhere because he thought he looked "fat" or something.

    Dylan, you, Zak... this was my favorite SPX ever.

  3. yeah, that was a good time. great memories. hanging with you, dylan, and zak was the nudge i needed to start profanity hill.

  4. also, i have to share this. at one point i went to the hotel room to chill out. i opened the door and dylan was in the room, meditating in the lotus position in front of the window. it was nighttime and my memory is that the stars were visible but i think that may've been the lights from adjacent buildings. anyway, it looked as if dylan was floating. i stood in the doorway, awkwardly, and sed "oh shit... uh, fuck... sorry i keep swearing... uh, do you want me to leave." very calmly dylan replied without moving "its ok. please stay." never forget that.