Friday, January 13, 2012

The Five Cent Nickel

Dylan's short comic, The Five Cent Nickel, was originally published in April of 1996 in the 5th (and final issue) of Destroy All Comics v.2. Because the blogspot format doesn't play nice with large images, I've posted the five page story (originally printed at 8 1/2" x 11") to my website - you can read it by clicking here or on the image above.


  1. I seem to recall being around Dylan when he was drawing some of this comic - maybe at my apartment? or a local cafe? I seem to remember him really attacking the page violently! My feeling was that he was using this one to explore some difficult personal things - to get some of that emotion more onto the page (without being autobiographical, exactly). At the same time, the pages still have a few inside jokes or references to his friends like LQW or FS...

  2. I just remembered that Walker is also the name of the main character in Point Blank & that the John Boorman film starring Lee Marvin was one of Dylan's favorites, so that name is probably a double reference. Here's the trailer...

  3. dylan told me that this did more or less happen to him according to what he told me. at least the mugging in the park part