Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Like You

Here's an early four page comic by Dylan, from Destroy All Comics v.2 #1, originally published in 1994. Click here to read it.

I seem to recall Dylan saying he intended this strip as a parody of certain small press, navel-gazing, autobiographical comics that seemed to be getting a fair amount of attention at the time. Perhaps unfortunately, it reads a bit like just another one of those comics! Anyhow, I still like the rough, rushed appearing, cartoony art. It seems a little more like something out of the east-bay punk scene than some of his other comics. I'm also pretty sure it's set in a certain cafe just down the street from where Comic Relief Berkeley used to be on University, and where certain people used to meet before going to movies at the amazing UC Theater (which no longer exists).

1 comment:

  1. The cafe is still there, but it is a tragedy that the UC Theater is no longer. We all spent so much time on that block.
    I wonder if he had Bobby Madness' drawings in mind. Bobby did some very funny, similar parodies around that time, when he wasn't riding around Oakland on his crazy custom bikes.