Sunday, January 8, 2012

more book reviews.

> Hi Tom,
> Happy New Year at the door!
> Perhaps the files I am sending might be interesting for the Dylan
> Williams Reporter blog.
> I had always been so taken by the Dylan's passion for books and even
> for the game offered by the Shelfari site (which is kind of visual
> sorting out of the participants' reading). I had a feeling that for
> Dylan, his favorite books were also "favorite things"; objects
> charged with immense significance; he shared them with a sense of
> wonder and serious sincerity, like the treasures from a kid's personal
> treasure box....
> best,
> Olga
> Some book reviews made by Dylan :
> A Model Kit by Julio Cortazar
> This is the book that made me rethink postmodern literature. I mean,
> that it made me appreciate the value of unconventional narrative. It is
> more of an immersion than most other books of this sort. It felt like I
> needed to read it again the minute I put it down.
> William F. Dylans wrote this review Wednesday, June 27, 2007.
> xxx
> The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (1956)
> I think I actually liked the Demolished Man more but this was one of
> the best books I've ever read. It never feel like Bester is pedantic
> about his worlds, unlike so many science fiction writers. It reminds me
> of the best of the turn of the century fantasies but with a pretty
> unique 1950s and Bester flavor. I got to the end and wanted to start
> reading it all over.
> William F. Dylans wrote this review Tuesday, June 5, 2007.
> xxx
> Summer of Love by Debbie Drechsler (2003)
> This is one of the best books I've ever read, let alone comic books. I
> think this is one of the few books that is actually a Graphic Novel, in
> the true sense of the word. It may actually be a novella but the story
> is so well thought out, the art works only in service of this complex
> and seemingly simple story. It is absolutely perfect. I'm a 37 year old
> guy and this story still affects me emotionally, it isn't simply about
> the subject matter it is about human nature. Anyway, I can't say enough
> about it, please read it and we can all fantasize about Debbie
> Dreschler doing more comics together.
> William F. Dylans wrote this review Sunday, November 25, 200
> xxx
> Filipino Martial Culture by Mark V. Wiley
> his book is really amazing, so far. I love the thorough approach it
> takes to history, religion and sociology. It may not be accurate and
> may be just one guys take on the FMA but I love reading what he has to
> say. Unlike so many martial arts books, this reads more like a history
> text. Well done! I think even people not interested in doing martial
> arts would get something out of it.
> xxx
> Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936) by George Orwell
> WOW! This book is so amazingly harsh in such a silly way. I can't get
> over how cynical but self-aware Orwell is when writing Gordon Comstock
> is. I keep on wishing I'd read this in my early 20s and I feel like I
> should be recommending this to all my self-absorbed artist friends who
> think the world is a horrible place and talk about money all the time
> William F. Dylans wrote this review Wednesday, June 6, 2007
> xx
> The Spider's House by Paul Bowles
> Pretty much the single best book I've ever read
> William F. Dylans wrote this review Sunday, June 17, 2007.

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