Saturday, January 21, 2012

While I was getting married... March 21, 2010

The best decision my wife and I made for our wedding was to have a photo booth. (Pictured above are Greg Means, Allie Tiedeman Powell, Jeremy Tiedeman, Emily Nilsson, and Dylan) Thank you Dylan for being such a ham. 

After the whole event was over we were given a CD with everyone's photos on it. (Above Dylan and Tim Goodyear share a mind. Teenage Dio-plug) Together they co-published Andrew Smith's Sausage Hand.

Being so busy during my wedding I am fortunate enough to have these pictures. (Above Dylan, Emily, and Shelly, Tim and Shea's daughter.)

Dylan and Greg. The brothers Sparkplug and Tugboat. Together I jokingly called them Tugplug. I don't think it caught on. Dylan and Greg at this time were co-publishing Rina Ayuyang's Whirlwind Wunderland and my book Neptune.  I noticed Dylan reserved a certain level of sophistication only for Tim and Greg... The top button.

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