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Some emails I got from Dylan in 2005

Here’s what I have left of the emails Dylan sent me in 2005. For whatever reason, my account only saved the emails where I quoted what he had written to me, so some stuff is no doubt missing. We didn’t often talk on the phone (I’m not a huge fan of making phone calls), so that is probably why there are so many emails. The year starts with the minimal business of getting the second issue of my comic book series published (for me, it was a pleasure to have Dylan publishing my comics - I wish we had been able to do many more), before mostly moving into a frenzy of cinema.

Re: pricing - ads – etc Monday, January 10, 2005 10:39 AM

Hey Jeff- Sorry to be so slow on getting back to you. I've been fighting with a cold, annoying people at work and all kinds of crap. I got the quote back for Watching Days 2 and it just leaves me with more questions. It is about the price where it seems like $4.50 would be a good cover but I kind of feel like that price was annoying to buyers and stores. I think $5 would be good but the problem is that the cover will be a little thinner. I wonder if people will look at the book and go "Why was #1 less than this?" I don't really have too much of a problem with $4 but then it makes any money back less quickly AND Diamond is more into higher priced books. I think $5 should be cool but I want to see what you think.

That is my work and less likely to get bent. So, now you could also send me a PDF of it.
I have some other ideas. too. I'd like to get it printed now, in time for APE but I'd like to solicit it through Diamond in May with the next Tales to Demolish. I'd like to buy an ad in the Diamond book  for both of them. I am wondering if you'd be interested in drawing part of it with Eric? The ad would be due mid April to go in with the book. This would time it to sort of come out at San Diego. My other distros would get your book before Diamond, when it is printed.

Okay, enough biznuz, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Do you think a black and white ad in the Previews would be enough or is full color manditory these days? It is about Half the price.

Re: pdf Friday, January 14, 2005

Hey Jeff- Sure, no worries about a PDF. I use quark at work so it is on a PC. I can't remember if all you have to do is state that when you save it but that would be fine. You can send it to this address...scratch that...see below. I've been thinking over the price thing and $5 is what I think'd work best. Let's see if that works. So, I think we are ready to go right? I don't know how big the quark file will be (though Yahoo does have more storage now), maybe it would better if you just send it to me on a disk (for a PC) and I can print out a  mock up, sign their quote and throw the disk in the mail to them. Usually it takes about 1 month to print the book.

Did I ask you about holding off on the Diamond solicitation till we have Eric's third issue in so that I can run an ad for both in the Previews? This would mean it would hit stores in June-July-ish through Diamond. It would be available through other distros before that of course.


Re: address Monday, January 31, 2005

Hey Jeff, I forgot to check on the disk but you put  the price on the new issue, right?  I love it by the way. It just went out to the printer and I'll make sure Proofs go to you. Do you want them to your work address (which I don't have) or home (which I do). Thanks

Re: Fwd: RE: Watching Days Become Years #2 Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Heya Jeff- Is it true that the book is only 44 pages. No worries about price but I want to make sure (this will make me feel better about the price). I just wanted to check that we aren't missing any pages. I was confused by the last page in the copies you sent.

Re: proofs Thursday, February 10, 2005 12:30 PM

ARRRR! I think I will come down. I'm going to have to figure something out though cause I need to leave to go to Texas the next week. Hmm...I think I may come down on Friday and return on Sunday morning (those two I've seen enough for now). Thanks for the tip off.

btw, did you get the proofs yet? They should be in your hands by what the printer said last time I talked.

Re: printing news? Saturday, February 26, 2005
Hey Jeff- I've been working way too much overtime at work so I didn't get a chance to write. So much so that I now try and use the control key instead of the apple key every time at home UGH.  I was expecting the books on Friday but they should be here next week. Hopefully before Thursday, since I'm going to Houston/Austin for a week then. I will rush you a pack...did you say 25? of them ASAP.
I found a dude with that Mizoguchi doc on ebay. ALSO, I found this dude, who has a copy of the Passenger as well as a ton of other stuff (burned off Japanes laserdisks):

I'll be at APE with a sparkplug table (only Sparkplug for once) and so you are more than welcome to stop by at any time. Your books "official debut" may be there.

I've got an idea of send it and Austin English's new book in at the same time to Diamond, so if they like it may be in stores quicker than I thought. I'll be sending them in in March.
Take care.

Re: printing news? Monday, February 28, 2005

Jeff- The book is done and in my hands. I sent you a fedex box of them, should be there Wednesday. It is sent to your home (which is wrong I'm now thinking) but it should be okay. Let me know if it don't show up. I'll be checking email off an on during my trip to Texas next week. MAN! Does that book look good. Thank you so much for letting me print it. It made me really proud to be even remotely involved in something like that. I'm doing a book by Austin in time for MOCCA, so I'm just flippin' out over getting to publish comics that ain't "your mother's comics" and are so literate.

You rule (to use my best vocabulary).

Re: sales? APE plans? Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Hey Jeff- No real sales yet (2) but I haven't done an update in so long (and ugh does that jpeg show it) .

I'll be sending out a "We'll be at APE" thing this weekend. It will most likely be me, some Catmull and Eric Haven and you. The crowd will be next to us at the Global Hobo table. I don't really go in for any of "signing" jazz. I'll mention you'll be at the table, if you want to let me know hours, maybe you could front for me while I go "look at the field". Heh. Basically, your call. I'll be there both days, I may be leaving early on Sunday to catch a flight but I figure Jesse or Catmull can cover for me at the end. I could say maybe "Jeff will be at the table from X-Y on Saturday." That way some people who want to meet you could show up then.

I'm also going to use the email to do an official "NEW BOOKS" thing, that should drive some people our way. Ballgames are more fun than these things.  I'll be showing up first thing on Saturday. You should have a badge, which I'll leave at the desk for you to check in with. I'll make em give you one if they don't have it ready. If you show up and there are any problems, you can call me or just tell them to let you come in to find me. OR just kick their asses and take their money.

Take care-

Thursday, April 14, 2005 9:26 AM

Hey Jeff- I had a blast hanging out with you dudes (Ben and Eric) at the show. I would love to hang out on Friday the 22 or something when I'm down there. I think Ben will take me to Japan and China town but I doubt he is gonna know the good bookstores.

So I found a review of both our books this morning: I'm sending it to myself to so I can link to it. It isn't the best review of either book but no such thing as a bad review is a "truism". I really enjoyed talking book theory with you (the bit about the books not having an instant selling point). It was made more interesting by talking with the guy  who did Proof magazine (and reading a bit in the magazine where he mentions that). I think a lot about that stuff. I think a strength of Sparkplug (since there are a lot of weaknesses) is that I'm not going to stop and am going to be unrelenting (though I won't always have the time to promote and that sort of thing). As more and more books get done, they sell the old ones. It is kind of cool. I'll be sending our books to stores/non-diamond distros/review mags all during the next two weeks.

More later...back to the saltmines.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hey Jeff-
Sorry, busy weekend. Yeah, I'll be going to movies Thurs-Sunday. I'd love to go to the ones on Thursday. I've invited Ben to all of them but I don't know which ones he'll want to see the most.  We can just hook up at the Theater or dinner or whatever, it starts at 7:30. I'm gonna be waiting for Ben to get back after work (like 6). Are there any must visit book/music stores around him? I'm completely in to publishing future issues of WDBY. I'll try and let you know if it becomes a financial problem (that would most likely only be if I get fired).

I'm actually looking forward to my first "real vacation" in years. It will be nice. The last one was September 11th when I stayed here for a week off from work since they cancelled SPX  travel.

Thanks for the info too.

All is good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

That is perfect. Yeah, Powells has it all but I'm a nut for just looking for that one book I've never seen before. These days, I don't even usually have a list. I just browse.
As for Amoeba, that is where I'll be all day. In Berkeley I had about 30 minutes in Amoeba before the APE.

Ben is talking about laming out for the movies. I  think he wants to do art or something. I think he just doesn't want to like Noirs is all. Lame. Yeah,  that is a lot. I know they'll all run together in my head by the end but...same old Dylan. I actually have a video (good print) of Border Incident and have seen the one with Lucy in it (Dark Corners..I  think) but all the others I haven't. I think the thing that swung it for me was the Ida Lupino's. She is amazing to me, still.

Okay, more later. I'll give you a call on Thursday or just see you at the coffee shop.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hi Jeff- Austin just sent me the ad for the Journal, it is wonderful. I can't wait to see it in there.
I think a  while ago you mentioned going to San Diego, are you still thinking about going? I'm going to need to check on badges and all that, also we will have a sort of full table so if you are thinking about being at it, it may have to be that I'm gone during that time (and I could use breaks of course). Let me know what, if anything you are planning on. It would be cool to hang out more down there too, away from the comic books.

Austin's post about the movies people bought was really funny, esp. considering I cropped my actual list down for public consumtion (I'm also getting things like the movies by the guy who did Café Lumiere which I LOVED beyond words and the Orpheus collection). I find I want to return to movies I  love over and over. I'm actually thinking about quiting Nicheflix at the moment, just because I have about 6 months worth of DVDs to watch.

The only reason I've been sort of lax about emailing you after going down there is over work. I had a lot of fun hanging out.

Take care.

Re: san diego pass Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We will have a pass for you of one kind or another.
If it is a hassle (which I'm hoping it won't be) feel free to buy one but I'm going to do my best. We should go to lunch at someplace on Saturday.

This week I'm SUPER into dancehall roots rasta stuff.
Any suggestions?
Mr. D.

Re: Teenage Fanclub Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A BIG SIGHHHHHH....I had looked into tickets yester and was ready to get them. Then I looked into plane tickets ($300) and realized that it is on the weekend of the Portland Zine show which Andrice and Jesse are coming up to stay with us for.  I don't think I  should go. I, of course, really want to but I've decided to be a good business man for the next few months. I  was so inspired by San Diego that I came home with a head full of dreams (including wanting to publish John Henk...the Tepid guy's stuff and really work on selling the existing books over the next few months. I am really into being a real publisher so I'm going to focus on that shit for a while. It is kind of a heartbreaking choice for me as they are one of my all time favorite bands. I think it is just bad timing all around. I do want to come down there again but I need to plan further in advance to get a better deal.

Thanks for hanging out at the table and frankly I'm quite honored that you, Eric, Austin and the others would ever want to have me as a publisher. One day I hope it can really do something for you.

I need to order that Val Lewton boxed set too, so I can have something to watch (hah) while I'm licking envelopes to send out. Take care.

Re: portland ray Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Heya Jeff-
First, I have to work that Saturday but will be done sort of early in the day maybe (3ish?). I'd love to go for dinner. We'll talk more on it.  Sat. night would be best.

WOW! Thank you for the Mizoguchi and Ray news! So happy.  I just got Night Gallery set 1 for my birthday so I'm watching that instead of all the other 200 movies I should be watching.

I got the Story of a Love Affair but almost don't want to watch it. That will be one more Antonioni closer  to having seen them all. I'm finding that is the hard part for me about Bresson and Dreyer too. I love having that one perfect moment to sit down and breath them in.

Okay, more later. Look forward to seeing you. Coffee is good too. Friday night after 8ish. Sunday after 4ish.

Take care.

Re: another one from your list? Thursday, September 15, 2005

Funny! I saw that listed somewhere else. I have really old videos of all the boettichers now. I'll be glad to get rid of them. I could watch those movies once a year and still love them. Hey, you seen Come and See. Sammy got me to see it. Well worth it. I wrote a little about it on the site. I want to watch that dudes Rasputin movie next. I'm watching Repulsion tonight. I've never seen it. I also decided I need to buy every Clouzot movie (Wages is coming out soon).

Hey, it was really fun to hang out with you. Sorry Tim was so talkative, that is his deal. I like him though. It was fun, filling and informational.

Hey, did you see Bak's new page. It totally looks like one of yours funny.

Take care and thanks for reminding me about 7 Men, I'm adding it to my basket.

Robert Wise....sigh.

Re: Feuillade vs. Franju Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hey! I saw that on the SG12 board too, the day before you sent this and was like, "I should email Jeff." I forgot. French and Japanese names sort of  blend in my head untill I've seen more than one movie by the person. Jacques Becker is still Jules Becker when I start to say it. Immamura and Shinoda took 10 years of liking their movies before I could straighten them out. Judex, the remake, is on my list of must see movies so I always think about it but never get a chance to hunt. watching the Mirror right now after having watched Come and See. Bak loved C&S as did I but I get tired of the sort of thing you see in the ending of it (film technique wise). The Mirror has recemented Tarkovsky (took 8 years to say that) as one of my all time favorites. I love the time he devotes to things. Come and See (by some guy whose name I don't know yet Ivan Korka or something) was just too fast in places. The Tenant, which I saw also thanks to Sammy who suggested C&S was good too but those doods are always so jumpy. It may be that I'm hyper or something and need to see slow movies but I also feel, like with Classical music that I'm just tired of everything being frantic and not building. We watched Heart of Glass (Emily for the first time) and I can't believe who awesome that movie is. Not that it was as good or as powerful as something like C&S but just the idea and execution Heart is amazing to me. It ends up being exactly like a dream, the slowness puts me to sleep almost every time but I've watched it enough to have seen the whole story.

I've watched the first two chapters of Judex (original) and need to sit down with the whole thing on a weekend. I'm still only two disks into the Batttles Fukusaku (took seeing three of his movies to get his name). I also just treated myself to Solaris. Which I have never seen. I've been getting mostly Criterion disks from Deep Discount lately. Casque D'or, the Clouzot movies (Wages is coming out next month) and Renoir (the River and Boudu(Sp?)). Watching Rules of the Game again has made me realize how much more I need to push my comics. Right now I feel like I'm 19 again and I just started drawing. I love that.


Re: bezerkley! Thursday, October 20, 2005

OOOOOHHHHH BOY! I'm going to go to some of those I think. I may call and see what the deal is, if it is travelling or not. Thank you so much!!!!!

Re: TAISHO CHIC Friday, October 21, 2005
Okay, the ones I'm most interested in during Nov. are the 5th-6th and the 19th-20th. I would (of course) go to everyone but budget and time won't allow it (I'm going to Indiana for Thanksgiving. I may be up for one of the weekends in December. I'm going to call today and see if it is traveling.  Thank you again.

You know, off hand I don't know if I've even seen a Naruse movie. I want to, of course. That one sounds like it is coming up the coast. There is a Louis Malle thing going on this month here.

Re: naruse / bunel Friday, October 21, 2005
Whew! Should I start with Repast? I'll go see what they have at MM. I may have seen one called "A moment of Terror." Can't remember. For years I tended to rent any old Japanese movie but nowadays I  can't keep up. He isn't one of those Suzuki guys,  his stuff is more family drama types ...OH he is the dude who did  Late Chrysanthemums and Mother. Yeah, I'm dyin' to see his movies.

Sadly, I just saw a Bunuel movie and I've begun to thing I need to work through all his movies too.
I'll get back to you on my plans but for now I'm down for the 20th. Ozu!

Re: Berkeley Friday, November 4, 2005

Okay! I'm booked for a flight down there. I'm going down there tomorrow for the weekend too. It may be a bit hard but it should be fun. I'll be there on the 19th/20th. Leave on Monday AM at 7 am and then back to work. I'm a nerd.

Thanks for the Bunel link. I need to get back on that. We rented new movies this week. I picked up a bunch of stuff on DDDVD lately too.

See you in a couple weeks?


taisho report Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Whew! I'm up to my neck in work. Fun but exhausting. Going down to the bay was awesome. I can't believe how lucky I am to get to see those films. It was one of those things where I was sitting in the theaters going "Absorb every minute of this." Usually that isn't so smart but it is hard to stop. The winner was the Reconstruction of the Imperial City. It was down right amazing. I'm sad and frustrated that I can't be down there for the whole thing. This weekend Bak is coming to town and it just wouldn't make sense (I've seen the Lady and the Beard when it played up here). BUT I'm so looking forward to the 19th and 20th. Those movies look great. It was such an education. Actually it made me want to march right up here and quit my job and just work on comics forever. But, I love publishing too much.

Speaking of that. What is it looking like for your new book?

I'm working on the Mats book with Ben right now. I've begun the path to publishing a John Hankiewcz book.Eric working on his third book. Orchid is in the last death throws before we force it out.  Reporter is 17 pages done of 36. I'm working on other stuff, I forget what at the moment.

So, I'll be there on Saturday at like 2ish. I may go up to get a good run through of the exhibit that goes along with the  Taisho movies. It sounded really cool. I'm not sure but my mom may go to some/one (maybe the Ozu) of the movies but we'll see. I'll go to them all. I'm even missing the beginning of a Noir festival up here, on the 19th and 20th they are showing To the Ends of the Earth and Johnny Allegro, neither of which I've seen. I'm mulling over the Taisho movies on Dec 3+4th. I may have to do it. They look really good. On that Friday there are two noirs (one Boetticher and NIGHTFALL (which I totally fucking love)) so I'll be seeing movies all weekend if that is the case...sigh.

I just bought the lone wolf and cub set for super cheap from Digital Eyes.  They sent me a discount code if you are interested. It is on backorder but I figure once they've committed to it they have to sell it at that price. I  can't see paying full price for it but I want to see all those again.

Okay, take care...back to work....

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Heya- I got there about 2 last time. I will be up for hanging out but I'd like to go to see the exhibit at the museum that goes with the movies. We  could meet up for food or something in Berkeley and then go to the exhibit (don't feel obliged but I figured you'd be into it). I'm trying to think of a good place to eat up there. There is a bongo burger but I don't know if their food is still as good as it used to be... anyway, we'll figure it out.

I was planning to go up on the 2-3rd Dec. shows but now (thanks to a stupid work Christmas party) I may not be able to make it. I'm pissed. Jealous of the Naruse thing too, the more I read about him. I think I may have seen Late Chrysanthemums back in the day but that would be it. I've been ogling the Movie Madness copy of Mother since even before you told me about him but I'm never in the right mood. I'm gonna wait for DVD or a festival. Sounds like they need to be enjoyed right and I have a lot to keep me busy till then.

I watched Sword of the Beast last night. I had a bad copy of it, which I  only watched a bit of and then stopped. The Criterion is awesome. Gosha always reminds me of a Japanese Boetticher.

The worst thing about the PFA is they don't let in Coffee so, esp. for any silent movies I always have to load up before. One  dude (you know I thought this was funny) was in there and making fun of the mystery movie that showed (Silent, Golden Bullet) but about 5 minutes after laughing at the low budget silliness of it he was snoring and bobbing his head. Hilarious.  I always think that no Coffee during silents rule is like some kind of weird torture ritual that they do. Anyway, I'm up for any kind of food long as it is my kind of weird eating habit friendly.

As for Sunday...I'm not sure yet. I want to hang out but I may be not up for it. I have to call Landry. I was thinking about going over there but I'm really into running in the mornings and I don't want get up at like 11 or something after hanging out with them. Also, nah, I should hang out with my moms on Sunday so I'll have to bow out on that. My mom wants to go to the Ozu movie. She'll most likely just drive up there and I'll drive back with her after the show on Sunday. I'd be into hanging out on Sunday before the shows though. Same deal.

Okay, I'll call you on Saturday.

more PFA movies / TV advice Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey Jeff- I'll be back down in the Bay Area for the two nights of Taisho movies on the 10 and 11th. I've seen at least one of the Ozu Mizoguchi ones but I had so much fun with the other weekends that I  can't pass it up. I  hope it was fun for you in spite of all the hassles.  It was cool to get to hang out.
I have a question for you. I'm starting to feel I  need a flat screen thin TV. I don't think I want a projector now but I'm wondering if you know of any reputable places to buy such a thing online?


Berkeley, the Return – Saturday Friday, December 9, 2005

Heya- I bit the bullet and got a panasonic plasma from Amazon. I can't wait but it is the single biggest purchase I've made aside from a used car and a computer. It will be interesting. I have to replace those projector bulds at my work and you are correct. They last about 2 years here (not used as often as I would) and they cost an ass load.  I just don't have the space either. My plasma...they say they last about 40,000 hours or something. We'll see. I got the three year warranty so I figure in three years technology will have go to the next level and they'll be cheaper or something. I was watching Miami Blues with Bak last night, wishing I had a wider TV so I'm thinking I'll be happy.

Cool about Berkeley. I would totally be up for meeting up around the same time. I'll call you when I get in. I'd like to get something really good to eat that night. I'll see.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh man, I just sat down for all of On the Occasion [of Remembering the Turning Gate]. Thank you so much. I loved almost every single minute of that movie. It was perfect. I see there is a  three pack set of other movies by that guy. Do you have that. What should I see next. I'm out of town for a few days but I'm gonna make Ems sit down with me and watch it when I get back. I'll look for other things by him then too. That was the kind of film I bought this new TV for and it was perfect.

I will be down in the Bay for the 12-15th movies. I'm taking a couple days off of work to hang out more with people.

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